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a mindfuck, like any other intercourse

...should have some interesting foreplay.

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30 May
There's no point to any of this. It's all just a...a random lottery of meaningless tragedy and a series of near escapes.
a little less conversation, a little more action, alexi murdoch, american beauty, amnesty international, angelina jolie, ani difranco, art, audrey hepburn, beastie boys, beck, being naked, benny and joon, billy idol, black boots, books, boy meets boy, boys who wear sweaters, bright eyes, bush, but i'm a cheerleader, caffeine, carbon leaf, chai tea, cheesecake, chuck palahniuk, cinnamon apple spice tea, clea duvall, coheed and cambria, college, common, conor oberst, corsets, counting crows, courtney love, cuddling, dashboard confessional, dave chappelle, dave matthews band, dead poets society, degrassi, dirty vegas, donnie darko, el pus, empire records, esotsm, everclear, family guy, fight club, fiona apple, friendly hostility, futurama, gay rights, gay straight alliance, gin blossoms, girl interrupted, glamour lust, guster, heathers, hookah, incubus, jake gyllenhaal, jay-z, jimi hendrix, joseph arthur, kevin smith, kissing, kurt cobain, letters to cleo, licking, literature, margaret cho, mary baldwin college, middlesex, miss aimee, mos def, movies, music, my chemical romance, my so called life, nirvana, oasis, ours, pad thai jay, painting, pete yorn, phantom planet, philosophy, photography, poetry, politics, prep, pro-choice, psychology, queer as folk, quotes, radiohead, rainy days, reading, rent, romeo + juliet, rufus wainwright, samurai pizza cats, sarcasm, saves the day, secretary, sex, sex and the city, sifl and olly, sinfest, skinny boys, sleep, snood, snoop dogg, snow, solitaire, spontaneity, spooning, st. elmo's fire, starbucks, sublime, submissives, super nintendo, tattoos, tegan and sara, tenacious d, the cure, the dandy warhols, the food network, the get up kids, the killers, the lloyd dobler effect, the o.c., the postal service, the princess bride, the sims, the usual suspects, the wonder years, third eye blind, toy story, u2, vanilla cloves, wayne's world, weezer, welcome to the dollhouse, when harry met sally..., women's rights, writing, yogurt

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