Shanel (stargarbage) wrote,

at this point in the game.

oh man. i feel like i'm just...permanently exhausted. it's a good exhaustion though, one that comes from kicking ass and taking names on a daily basis. but my body is sluggish and my mind is cloudy, and i think i'm getting used to it.

my on-again/off-again engagement is back on as of this weekend. we're in a good place - there's still trust issues, but at least he's making an effort. which means so much. and, we've just been spending time together, laughing and talking and making love and eating a lot of cheesecake. it's been really nice, the one non-(or at least, less)stressful part in my life right now.

along with watching true blood on sundays. i love that show. vampires are hot. yeah, i said it.

and, i don't know.'s some crazy shit. but i'm pretty happy right now.
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