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the rare look.

i am on a radiohead binge right now. also, the decemberists and stone temple pilots. so fucking awesome.

and...i think commitment-phobia runs in my family. not hereditary, just unfortunate.

and...i lost ten pounds doing nothing but sleeping for twelve hours a day and reading. ooh, slippery slope. but i think i look okay.

and...i really love d.c. early in the morning. i'm a total starbucks asshole and i love it.

my engagement ring is way too big and i find that very symbolic of how i feel about the whole situation. just too damn big right now.

i've been twenty-two for almost six months and i feel like this year has been one big toss up.

and i don't have health insurance and my birth control is out of control expensive and i'm debating giving up sex all together just to have a few extra bucks in my pocket. laugh if you want, i'm leaning that way.

i love fall, hate winter. i never sleep in the winter anymore. but, like everything else? i guess that's okay for now.

rawr. also, thhpb.
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