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let me put this drink down before i say some shit i shouldn't say.

whoo. crazy day.
just gonna type 'cause i'm pretty drunk.

went to work at five. always on time, always early.
other host came at five thirty.
she left at six thirty because she was "sick."
she's a sucky host, i do everything anyway.

go sit in a bathroom for a bit, get myself together.
i was very lucky it was busy but not too busy, because i handled it pretty fucking well by myself.
was a little proud. of me and the servers, because they respond to me very well.

so, eleven, i get my area ready so i can clock out at twelve.
let the manager know, she tells me i have to stay until twelve thirty.
i'm like, what the fuck. just did all this for nothing?
they close the doors at twelve. there's no reason to stay.
but the owner is there, and he's an asshole.

i was so fucking pissed.
i'm like...i did all this fucking extra work.

which i don't necessarily mind doing.
but don't keep me on the clock if you don't need me.
half an hour or not. i don't know, doesn't seem right to me.

anyway, i'm off now.
and getting pretty drunk.
i don't care if i have to work tomorrow night. hangover be damned. i'm getting fucked up.
because. well. i feel like it.

but i will (maybe) never roll before work again.

random musing for the day: one is very lucky if one works with people they like. i fucking love the servers i work with.
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